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Video Production, 10 Thomas Street, Dundalk, Co Louth
M: 087-25 86 400 | T: 042-933 07 77 |

Leinster's leading Wedding Video producer. Affordable video productions for the Corporate
and Event markets. Promotional & Training videos produced for DVD or Web playback.

Gerry Duffy has been producing professional video since 1979 and has over 1200 very happy couples as valued clients. His movies capture all the vital elements of your day discreetly, so you can enjoy the greatest day of your life again and again on High Quality Widescreen DVD even in High Definition Blu-Ray.

Only a Professional video production can record character, personality and emotion in a way that still photos cannot. Gerry Duffy's superb DVDs capture the sights, sounds, and emotions of your wedding day.

His video of your wedding day will allow You and your Family to relive this moment in time for generations to come.

Obviously price is important ! But firstly, ask yourself how will You feel in 10 years time; when you remember that you saved a few hundred Euro on the wedding budget, and then you are stuck with a terrible wedding video, or even worse an amateur one that youre ashamed to show to people.

You will be so excited on Your Wedding Day that you will miss half of what goes on. When you return from honeymoon, the first thing you will want to do, is watch your Wedding Movie. After all, it is a Feature Film of the biggest day of your life,


Gerry Duffy did the video for my wedding, it was absolutely fantastic, really beautifully presented, Gerry managed to capture exactly how our wedding day felt to us,

He was funny and entertaining without being intrusive, in fact I hardly remembered he was there, there was no embarrassing questions put to the guests '' say something to the bride and groom'' or a camera stuck in your face while you're trying to eat.

The day went so fast and if it wasn't for my wedding video I would have very little to remember the day by. It's only when you get married that you realise how fast this day goes and if you don't get a video it will be something that you will regret, and getting the right videographer is just as important, I would highly recommend Gerry Duffy to anyone who wants an event recorded tastefully and memorably.

by Caroline Slevin - The Flower Studio, Dundalk

One of the services that Gerry provides is in relation to transfers of video to American format which I needed for a relation of mine in the US. To add further to the problem the camcorder on which the information was recorded was bought in the US and which caused numerous problems in trying to transfers to a Disc.

Gerry was able to transfer the footage onto to a Disc for American viewing but also transferred to a Disc for us to watch it, without comprising on the quality of the footage and which was enjoyed by all on both sides of the Atlantic

by Colm Duffy - General Insurances, Dundalk